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Friday, May 25, 2012

Family Pictures

We recently had our family pictures taken.  Our local FSA is putting together books on adoption as part of the goal to promote awareness of the option of adoption.  A wonderful local photographer Marissa of Marissa D Photography volunteered her services and we now have some fabulous pictures.

So what do you think?  Pretty great, right!?


Winter said...

Janell! Oh you all are so good looking! Love love the pictures. I especially love Isabelle's Easter dress--perfect!

Stacey said...

It's more than pretty great. What a beautiful family!

Candise said...

I love them! Everyone is growing up. We miss you!

Lisa Sanderson said...

So beautiful! I love your family pictures. Either your family is more photogenic than mine or your photographer is way better because your family pictures turned out awesome! I am so glad you posted again.

Aranne and Dan said...

These look great. Marissa is great and does such great photos too. Love seeing all the pictures!