stories of an adoptive family
"When my kids become wild and unruly, I use a nice, safe playpen. When they're finished, I climb out." -Erma Bombeck

Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Katie Jayne!

Katie's 5th birthday was yesterday. She had a great one. She got a lemonade stand from mom & dad, curtains from Nana & Papa, $10 from Grandma Jean and a zsu zsu pet with a carrier from Grandma Kay. I have a friend who does a birthday interview for each of her children and so I stole her idea! Thanks Sherrie!

If Katie had 3 wishes she would wish for:
1) A real lemonade stand
2) A real Elmo to play with
3) So, so much money

Katie's Birthday interview

My favorite color ... Pink and blue and yellow
I feel happy when ... I am at school
I like to eat ... Big Fat Noodles (homemade chicken noodle soup)
My Favorite Movie ... Peter Pan (animated & non-animated versions)
I feel sad when ... kids are mean
I like to play with ... my zsu zsu pet
My favorite song ... No! by They Might Be Giants
My dad is ... funny
My mom is ... hugable
My favorite holiday ... Christmas
I love to ... play with my friends
My favorite food is ... Ramen and Big Fat Noodles
My favorite thing to do as a family ... play together
My favorite toy is ... pink & green & purple teddy bear
It makes me happy when ... do stuff I'm asked to
My favorite thing to do in my free time ... run around and play a lot
My favorite number ... 10
I feel frustrated when ... I don't get to do what I want
I really like it when ... I share
My favorite subject in school ... Art
My favorite game ... My Little Pony (its like Candyland but with ponies)
What I like about me ... when I share a lot and I be nice to each other
What do you want to do when you grow up...what I want to
What is the best thing about your birthday ... I get to have the first bite of cake & the first cupcake (at school)
Who is your hero, the person you look up to, or want to be like when you grow up ... Miss Carrie & Miss Sue & Ms. Dague (her teachers)

So a very happy birthday to our giggly, bubbly little love bug!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our new digs

Moving has been a big example of good news/bad news. For instance good news/bad news scenario #1. Good news: the unpacking is coming along. Bad news: I spend more time picking up the messes my children cause than actually unpacking. Good news/bad news scenario #2. Good news: we almost moved out AND we have renters all lined up. The bad news: It took us 3 times longer to get out than we thought and about a 100% more crap than we thought we had. Of course as someone pointed out we've had almost 13 years to squirrel said crap away. Good news/bad news scenario #3. Please see scenario #1. I could go on for a while but the point of this is to post pics of the new house. That's all you care about anyway. So for all you bad friends and family members who won't come visit us...this is for you.

PS. Please, please, please disregard the disarray!